You are all smiles!

And this is how it should be! This is how we expect to do our job; this is what we have been committed to from the start. Your satisfaction and your radiant smile after completion of the treatment is, for us too, a moment of great joy.

Firm teeth are nature’s biggest gift. But you have to contribute your share to maintain this gift. Problem teeth make people unhappy and insecure and frequently even impact facial expression and body language. This is a challenge for any prosthetic dentist. The basis for a comprehensive concept for preserving healthy teeth rests on several pillars. These include, among others, self-initiated daily oral hygiene, regular preventive care, the highest vigilance concerning your own mouth, a systematic treatment process and, last but not least, a healthy diet.

Please ‘spoil’ your teeth and pay them a little bit of vigilant attention - every day!

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  • Preventive dentistry

    Prevention – wins you half the battle in your mouth.

    Another essential part of our practice concept is individual prophylaxis, with the objective of preventing tooth decay and inflammations of the periodontium.

    Regular check-ups (every 6 months) and professional dental cleaning are important components of a systematic prophylaxis. This naturally also implies regular tooth care at home. We will give you advice on all useful auxiliary means and brushing techniques and will also make recommendations as to your diet.

    After a thorough examination, our specially trained oral hygienists will clean your teeth professionally and thus remove all hard and soft plaque from the surface of the teeth and the interdental spaces. Even coffee, tea, and smoker’s stains are removed gently and thoroughly. Subsequent polishing and fluoridization of all teeth hinder bacterial growth.

    It is a worthwhile investment that will reward you with bright teeth, fresh breath, and a radiant smile! Should you wish for even brighter teeth, please enquire about our bleaching technique.

  • Periodontics

    Help, my gums are retracting!

    More than 80 percent of all adults aged 35 or over suffer from gingiva problems. Ordinarily, the gingiva should be well supplied with blood and should tightly adhere to the dental roots. But every single day bacteria make life very difficult for our gums. Plaque forms on teeth that are not brushed properly. This is a kind of sticky biofilm that loves and obstinately clings to spots that are difficult to reach. After a while, this plaque will creep under the gum line along the dental root, form veritable pockets and loosen the tooth. As a consequence of this chronic inflammatory process, the tooth will loosen more and more until it falls out.

    Adults lose many more teeth to periodontosis than to caries. Usually, a multi-step periodontosis therapy is applied, frequently accompanied by the prescription of antibiotics. The number one priority, here too, is: Regular prophylaxis will also prevent you from having to worry about your own teeth.

    When recognizing gingival problems early on, treatment and regular follow-ups will, in the majority of cases, prevent the loss of teeth.

  • Non-invasive dentistry

    Less is more – High-Tech makes it possible.

    The aim of non-invasive or minimally-invasive therapy is optimum ’damage control’ with simultaneous maximum preservation of a healthy tooth structure.

    It also means that we avoid using metals when restoring teeth. Thanks to innovative materials, we are today capable of applying fillings even to the smallest spots, that adhere firmly, are bacteria-tight, and will bond perfectly with the existing tooth. This scientific progress has become possible thanks to exemplary scientific research into adhesion.

    This means for our daily routine:

    • excellent alternatives to amalgam fillings
    • no use of unwanted metals, such as pin anchorages
    • outstanding aesthetic orthodontics, such as building up edges or augmenting teeth which are too narrow.
  • Implantology

    Say good-bye to rattling dentures! Everything is deeply rooted and fixed.

    High-tech supply of implants is on the increase. As early as 2005, some 550,000 implants were supplied.

    But what is an implant? It is actually an artificial dental root, that is implanted into the jaw in place of the missing tooth. This works just as well for single teeth as for bigger gaps. With the help of 1 or 2 implants, your ’old’ removable prosthesis may be turned into a fixed tooth replacement. Lost dentures are therefore a thing of the past!

    An implant will prevent the jaw from degenerating and will ensure a secure bite after the treatment.

  • Fixed tooth restorations

    Would you like to enjoy firm teeth — all your life?

    Our individualized solutions, specifically in the field of implants as well as our follow-up program, ensure optimum care until ripe old age.

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